How to test and fix monitor dead pixels

10 December 2021

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LED/ monitor screen is composed of as the smallest element of a digital image. If one of these is not working properly, it will appear as a dot.

that do not function properly are known as ” ” or ” “.

dead pixel 02

While the pixels on the monitor screen are composed of three RGB sub-pixels (red, green, blue) to display color.

If one of the RGB sub-pixels is dead, it is called a ” Stuck Pixel “.

And if those three RGB sub-pixels are all off, it’s called a “Dead Pixel”, which usually looks like a black dot.

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How to test dead pixels

Before starting the dead pixel test, the monitor screen should be cleaned first using a soft cloth and using /LED cleaning fluid. So that you won’t be confused about distinguishing black dots because of dirt or .

To see , you can actually make a background on the screen with white, black, red, yellow, and blue colors. By changing the background color, observe the screen, whether there are black dots or dots that are not the same color as the background.

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An easier way to do a dead pixel test can be done online by visiting the “Dead-pixel check” website at “ ”.

dead pixel 01

Then you just click the “Start test” button and to change the background color, you just have to click on any point on the monitor screen.

To return to the main page, all you have to do is press the “ESC” key on the keyboard.

How to fix dead pixels

Dead pixels cannot be fixed. Meanwhile, for , there is still a possibility to fix it. The way you can try to fix is to flash pixels with many colors. Some tools that you can try are:


1. JScreenFix

JScreenFix is a web version of the app. To use this , you do not need to download or install it. Just click the “Launch JScreenFix ” button and let the work until it’s finished.

2. UDPixel

UDPixel is an application to help find and dead pixels of screens running on OS. To fix the stuck pixel, run this application for a few hours.

3. PixelHealer

PixelHealer flashes a combination of black, white, all base colors, and custom colors. You can set the flashing interval and set a timer to close the application automatically.