PLN Prepaid Electricity Meter Secret Code

An electrical meter is a device to measure the use of electricity by customers. The electricity meter is calibrated according to the official billing unit, while the commonly used measuring unit for this tool is kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Prepaid electricity or smart electricity is an electrical payment system that is at the beginning, where customers can control how much electrical energy they want to use. Prepaid electricity meter that has been digital or called bargainser, while still a post-analog electricity meter.

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Prepaid Electricity Meter presents a number of important information that can be directly known and read by customers related to their electricity use, such as:

  • Information on the amount of electrical energy (kWH) entered (inputted).
  • The amount of electrical energy (kWH) that has been used so far
  • The amount of electrical energy that is currently being used (real time).
  • The amount of electrical energy that remains.

Electricity meter code

In general, prepaid electricity meters have buttons in the form of numbers 0-9 and two arrows. These buttons can later be used to enter the electricity tokens that we have purchased or for checking.

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This prepaid electricity meter code is actually not a secret code. But since we don’t know it yet, it becomes a secret code. Intentionally or not, electric meter installers rarely provide manuals on how to use electric meters to us. So if we want to know what codes can be included in the electricity meter that has been installed in our residence, then we have to ask the officer who installed the meter.

The prepaid electricity meter codes can be used to:

  • Turn off an electricity token alarm that’s running low
  • See the last token code entered
  • View the power that is being used
  • Searching for an electric meter customer ID
  • Know the voltage when used
  • Knowing the current (Ampere) used
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How do I enter the code? To enter the code, the way is to press the number of digits in accordance with the number of digits of the code and then press the enter / accept button.

ITRON prepaid electricity meter secret code

00Restart the meter
03Know the total kWH of electricity for last use
07See kWH limits
09View the use of electrical power
41See electrical voltage
44See Ampere numbers
47Know the total power you’ve used
54See the code of the last used electricity token
59Know the last kWH total filled
69See the counter the total number of power outages
75Check PLN Prepaid electricity meter ID
79Check the minimum time limit for alarms
456XXChange the minimum alarm limit
78Perform a delay alarm check in a matter of minutes
123XXChange the delay alarm
90Turn off LED lights

Hexing prepaid electricity meter secret code

800Restart the meter. Use it if something goes wrong.
801Check the remaining balances
802See the date
803See the clock
804Know the serial number of kWh electric meter
805Electricity meter code to check SGC
806Check for the cause of power outages
807Check the status of the electricity meter
808Calculate the meter value (pulse/kWh)
809Check the total amount of power outages
812Turn off the alarm sound
813Check the kWh used yesterday
814Check the kWh used last month
815Check the last date of token charging
816View the last time of token charging
817See the value of the last token filled
821Check kWh usage last 1 month
822Check kWh usage the last 2 months
823Check kWh usage the last 3 months
824Check kWh usage for the last 4 months
825Check kWh usage the last 5 months
831View total token charging of the past 1 month
832View total token charging of the last 2 months
833View total token charging of the last 3 months
834View total token charging of the last 4 months
835View total token charging of the last 5 months

STAR prepaid electricity meter secret code

01View the total kWh that has been used
02Know the maximum power used last
03See the detailed time achieved maximum power in the current month
04Know the size of the voltage (Volt)
05Know the size of the electric current (Ampere)
06Shows accumulated total electricity kWh purchases
07See the remaining accumulated power (kWh)
08Know the estimated power out time (a matter of days)
12View warning numbers for the rest of the power limit
13Set the power limiter. The electricity goes out if it exceeds that number.
14Know the maximum amount of power the previous month
15See the amount of consumption out of bounds
16See Trip Time Delay Numbers when overloaded
17Shows data transfer time parameters
18-30Check the power used for 1 to 12 months
31Shows this latest power measure (in Kilo Watt)
37Warning sound duration settings (default 1 minute)
38Indicates the use of kWh meters when contactors are damaged
39Set the accuracy of RTC Crystals
40See the number of cover openings
41-45Showing the date and hour of the last opened cover meter
46Showing accumulated Trip Overload/Overload numbers
47Know the date and time clock of the last overload
48-51Indicates the date and time of overload to 2-5
52-57View the accumulation of meters Off of the voltage supply
58Knowing the total accumulation of visit errors on the meter
59-63Knowing the accumulation of errors in the meter
65View ID from meter (ID displayed in 2 views)
76-80Check the last 20 digits of the electricity token inputted
82View the tariff index
83Displays the last accumulated power purchase

ACTARIS prepaid electricity meter secret code

00Local testing (running auto function test 01- 05)
01Testing relay contactor inside meter (TERA & P2TL)
02Display Test – Testing beep buzzer alarm
03Total kWh Register, accumulated use of kWh from the start of entry
04Display Production Code (Internal testing)
05Display Tariff Index, check the programmatic rate at the meter
07Display Power Limit, Programmatic maximum limit
08Display Tamper Status, Open or closed microswitch status
09Maximum power moment on connected load
13Status Of Interference when Call view
14Successful tokens received to the last 1
15Successful tokens received to the last 2
16Successful tokens received to the last 3
17Successful tokens received to the last 4
18Successful tokens received to the last 5
48Showing Programmatic Series No on Meters
50Supply group code
51Total accumulated contactor termination
52Total accumulation, meter gets voltage supply
77Total Accumulated Transaction Tokens successfully entered

CONLOG prepaid electricity meter secret code

#1 #Know the average power used
#2 #View the number of kWH last usage
#6 #Displays the number of kWH entered last
#11 #Check the last token code

GLOMET prepaid electricity meter secret code

37Check the rest of kWH
38Know the total kWH of electricity that has been used
41Displays electrical voltage
47Display currently used power
54Displays the last entered power token code
59Check the number of kWH last filling
75Check prepaid PLN meter ID
79Check the minimum alarm limit