Cisco Systems created Packet Tracer, a cross-platform visual simulation application that enables users to build network topologies and simulate contemporary computer networks. Using a simulated command-line interface, the software allows users to replicate the configuration of Cisco routers and Switches. The Drag-and-drop user interface of packet tracer allows users to add and remove virtual network components as they see fit. The software serves as an instructional tool, especially for Cisco Networking Academy students, helping them in learning the basic topics of CCNA. Who uses Packet Tracer? Learners exploring networks and tech careersStudents of networking, IoT, and cybersecurityEngineers, educators, and trainersTeaching and distance learning Digunakan for Practice building simple and complex networksVisualize how the network worksPractice rack, stack, and cabling skills in a virtual labIntegrate IoT devices, Python code, or network automation System requirements: Computer with an operating system Windows (8.1, 10, 11),macOS (10.14 or later) orUbuntu 20.04 LTS, CPU amd64(x86-64),4 GB of free RAM,1.4 GB free disk space Download Before downloading, you must first log in. Packet Tracer 8.2.0 MacOS 64bitPacket Tracer 8.2.0 Ubuntu 64bitPacket Tracer 8.2.0 Windows 64bit