[Open With ++] Easy Ways to Create a Custom Context Menu in Windows File Explorer

23 August 2022

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Open with ++ is a shell extension that makes it possible to add command-line-based custom menu items to the of .

Open With ++ is built on the traditional menu of Win32. In 11, the traditional menu can be activated by modification of the .

Open With

With Open With ++, you can create custom menus on the Context Menu of . You can add a custom menu for each file type and assign an app to open that file type.

Features of Open With ++

  1. Added a new command to Open With ++.
  2. Delete the selected a command from the Open With ++ menu.
  3. Allows specifying custom folders and macros that can be used in the File Type property.
  4. Show menu only when the selected files and folders match the expressions of regular expressions.
  5. Specifies whether a menu is created at the top level or as a sub-menu.
  6. Specifies that the menu command is displayed when a or background is selected.
  7. Menu items are visible only if the Control key is pressed.
  8. Specifies that the command is executed with higher privileges. When disabled, commands can still be executed with higher privileges by holding down the key while selecting a menu command.
  9. Run the process with a hidden window. Useful for hiding terminal tools such as .

System Requirements

  • 7 x64 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.8 x64
  • Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable x64.


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